Mitsubishi concept XM это было предвестником серийного автомобиля

Mitsubishi представила в сети новый оригинальный XM, который будет представлен через неделю на международном автосалоне в Индонезии. Этот прототип указывает на появление в следующем году нового поколения автомобилей японской марки.

Новый концепт-кар Mitsubishi XM расположен в том же стиле, как представлено на автосалоне в токио в 2015 году прототип eX. Два автомобиля-это почти такой же вид, но отличаются длиной и формой задней части кузова,а также расположение дверей и количество мест в салоне — eX четыре места и на XM три ряда сидений на 7 человек. Технические характеристики Mitsubishi пока не раскрывает, по некоторым данным, новый концепт оснащен системой автопилотирования и электрификации с полным приводом и запасом хода до 400 километров.

Mitsubishi ex Concept

Больше деталей будет известно на следующей неделе, когда откроется выставка Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show 2016. Как сообщили в Mitsubishi, понятие XM является предвестником компактного кроссовера-минивэна, который начнут собирать в октябре 2017 года на производственной линии нового завода в индонезии округа Бекаси. Помимо прототип новой модели на стенде Mitsubishi Motors появится внедорожник Pajero Sport в нескольких версия, пикап Triton Молния (L200), кроссовер Outlander Sport, минивэн Delica, а также Mirage хэтчбек для местного рынка.

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XM Concept Crossover SUV новый альбом дебютов at GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show 2016

Токио, 4 Августа 2016 — Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s (MMC) MITSUBISHI XM* Concept, small MPV кроссовер concept car will make its world premiere at the GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show 2016*2. The concept car fuses the toughness of an SUV with the versatility of an MPV.

·World Premiere of Small MPV Кроссовер Concept Car

The MITSUBISHI XM Concept uses a wide body and optimized layout to provide generous interior space that allows seven occupants to relax in comfort. The front end incorporates Mitsubishi Motors’ Dynamic Shield front design concept that gives visual expression to its function of protecting occupants and the vehicle. A unique crossover/MPV, it will fuse SUV-like functionality along with SUV-like стиль имеет deeply flared front and rear fenders that express stability and generous ground clearance that add sportiness to a sleek body that features free-flowing character lines. A small MPV кроссовер adopting features of the MITSUBISHI XM Concept will be produced starting from in October 2017 at a new factory located in Бекаси Префектуры, West Java Province to be commissioned earlier in the same year.


Joining MITSUBISHI XM Concept on the MMC booth will be passenger cars sold in Indonesia including the 2017 Miragesubcompact featuring a sporty and refined exterior макияж (Indonesia sales due to begin in August this year) and thePajero Sport (Montero Sport in some markets) midsize SUV which was selected for four awards including Car of the Year 2016*3.

1. MITSUBISHI XM Concept: Overview

1) Concept

A кроссовер MPV conceived to ideally suit to large or extended семей featuring a wide body and an optimized layout to provide generous interior space that allows seven occupants to relax in comfort. Fusing the styling and functionality of an SUV makes for safe, comfortable and enjoyable transportation.

2) Exterior design

The design distinctly expresses the SUV-MPV concept through the sleek and sporty lines of the body along with high all-terrain performance.

The front end incorporates Mitsubishi Motors’ Dynamic Shield front design concept. The left and right corners of bumper flow inward to embrace the black grille which symbolizes power and performance; powerfully expressing the protection it gives to both occupants as well as the vehicle with consideration given to pedestrian safety.

The side view is characterized by deeply flared fenders and an edgy sculpted character line, creating the powerful and sporty looks typical of an SUV. In contrast, moving the cab point forward creates a flowing line that extends from the engine hood to the roof, then drops gently down the rear end; in addition floating D-pillars express a free-flowing MPV look.

The generous ground clearance and the underguard protecting the bottom of the body from all sides allows the vehicle to be driven with confidence over unpaved roads and during tropical squalls.

3) Interior design

The three rows of seats are optimally located to provide a roomy interior space that seats, seven occupants comfortably, allowing for a variety of seat arrangements.

The horizontal приборной панели accentuates the breadth страхового of an MPV. Together with the wide elevated center console, black/white high-contrast interior coloring, and silver accents the interior reflects a refined look.

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