Новый Peugeot 3008 получил версию GT

Компания Peugeot рассказала о топовой модификации модели 3008 второго поколения. Версия GT отличается от «мейнстримных» уровни оборудования Access, Active и Allure оспортивленным украшение экстерьера, эксклюзивный цвет кузова, а также более мощный дизель с турбонаддувом бензиновый двигатель мощностью 2,0 л. с.

Peugeot 3008 GT по умолчанию имеет 19-дюймовые колеса с шинами размеров 235/50 R19 в сочетании с двухцветными легкосплавными дисками, в список базового оборудования также вошли полностью светодиодные фары. Кроме того, для GT-версии, вы можете выбрать двухцветное оформление кузова (для более серый цвет Platinum Grey, Amazonite Grey и «медный» Metallic Copper). В отделке салона применяется алькантара и кожа Наппа. Имя версия, также, напоминают дополнительные надписи GT в нижний срез руля и хромированных элементов экстерьера.

Peugeot 3008 GT

Двухлитровый турбодизель BlueHDi в 3008 GT развивает 180 л. с. в Сочетании четырехцилиндровый мощности агрегат исключительно с шестиступенчатым «автоматом». Для тех, кто эта комбинация не подходит, Peugeot предлагает специальный пакет GT Line, который включает в себя дополнительные стилистические изменения от варианта GT, но с 18-дюймовыми колесами и дисками другого дизайна, а также черные боковые (вместо хромированных) зеркала. Будет доступна для автомобилей с все двигатели кроме 1.6 L BlueHDi 100 S&S и 2.0 Л BlueHDi 180 S&S. И гамма новинок, как уже было сказано, также включает в себя бензиновые агрегаты 1.2 Л PureTech 130 S&S, 1.6 THP 165 S&S и дизельным 1.6 L BlueHDi 120 S&S.

Peugeot 3008 GT Line

Вся линейка Peugeot 3008 второго поколения будет представлена в октябре на автосалоне в Париже. Европейские продажи модели начнутся после публичной презентации, а в Украине новинка ожидается к концу года.

Показать пресс-релиз

The New PEUGEOT 3008 GT ВНЕДОРОЖНИК temper, GT spirit

A few weeks after its presentation, the new PEUGEOT 3008 has unveiled its most dynamic and exclusive version: the GT. A truly modern expression of driving pleasure, aimed at aesthetes who are looking for a new driving experience, the GT version the crowns brand’s new ВНЕДОРОЖНИК range. Exclusively equipped with the 2.0 L BlueHDi 180 S&S EAT6, the new PEUGEOT 3008 GT has the benefit of a series of specific attribute_table as well as the optional unique and distinctive «Купе Франш» paint design. In addition, the GT Line trim-level offers, on more affordable engine versions, a synthesis of sporty and top-of-the-range looks. The new PEUGEOT 3008 GT и GT Line are a key part of the brand’s move up-range and will be available from the start of the commercial launch from October 2016.

The standard of a conquering range

There are and there will always be people who are passionate about cars and the world associated with them. Эти aesthetes with strong personalities are looking for a quality vehicle which стойка out from the crowd, a personal expression of their status. ПЕЖО decided to try and win over, with the GT version of its new 3008, this demanding clientèle.

From its launch, the new PEUGEOT 3008 has thus had a simple and transparent range for all its customers. Consistent with the brand’s strategy of moving up the range, it is based on:

  • три основных trim-levels (Access, Active, Allure)
  • a GT Line trim-level
  • a GT version

The GT model is positioned as the 3008 SUV’s top-of-the-range, exclusive and resolutely dynamic proposition, while at the same time being perfectly usable on a day-to-day basis. Aimed at driving enthusiasts craving утончать, the new PEUGEOT 3008 GT offers to combine all the qualities of the range’s new SUV – with an assertive style, an amazing interior that includes the innovative new PEUGEOT i-cockpit®, high-tech equipment — with some sporty and exclusive touches.

GT! Для ПЕЖО, this name, emblematic in the history of cars, has a very specific meaning which helps the brand stand out from the crowd and enhance the status of the driver. The GT version of the new PEUGEOT 3008 has:

  • a highly-efficient and exclusive engine: the 2.0 L BlueHDi 180 S&S, combined with the EAT6automatic six-speed gearbox. It is the most powerful version of the range, providing even more intense driving pleasure
  • a more sporty appearance, with fender flares and its 19″ tyres as standard (235 50 R19) combined with two-tone diamond-cut BOSTON wheel rims. Only available in the GT version, this dynamic покрышки is combined with running gear specifically developed to get the most out of it
  • finely crafted, technologically advanced lights, with Full LED headlights and sequential indicators as standard
  • an exclusive кузовной ремонт colour. With a standard-equipped two-tone in roof «Black Diamond» gloss paintwork, the GT version offers as an option the ambitious «Купе Франш» dual-color paint designusing three of the range’s colours (Platinum Grey, Amazonite Grey and Metallic Copper). Still sporting a Perla Nera rear black, the GT Купе Франш» gives the range’s new standard exclusive connotations and identifies it with PEUGEOT’s know-how.
  • specific exterior design elements and a refined and sporty темы interior.

Inside: the new enhanced PEUGEOT i-cockpit®!

The техно-шик sporty touch of the GT version can of course be enjoyed in the passenger compartment. The new PEUGEOT i-cockpit® — is a standard feature on all 3008 Внедорожники — with its spectacular, extremely technologically advanced приборной панели. From the first level of finish, the on-board experience is enhanced by the rich interior and the modern, almost futuristic appearance of the driver’s compartment. The choice of materials and the precision of the adjustments make a significant contribution to the high-level of perceived quality in the passenger’s compartment. The meticulous attention to detail on the part of the designers of the GT version has naturally produced something extremely refined and elegant. A rejection of ostentatious, кричащие design for something more discreet and high-end.

The interior of the GT version has fine copper double topstitching on the dashboard trim, door trim panels and central подлокотниками. This copper topstitching is on the contoured seats covered with a tri-material ТЭП/ Alcantara отделка, or as an option, with sumptuous Nappa Mistral leather. Once comfortably seated, the driver чувствует immediately attracted to the beauty of the compact steering wheel — which proudly sports the GT logo in chromed steel on the lower телевизор с плоским экраном part — the rim of which is covered with full-grain leather, also with copper topstitching.

And the сенсорная journey continues. The magnificent genuine aged-oak trim on the dashboard and door panels are a joy to behold and touch. This «Grey Oak» trim fits with both the 3008 GT’s high-end status, and is an environment inspired by modern, home design. Finally, the exclusive touch in the GT’s interior environment is based on a host of small details demonstrating the brand’s know-how in the area of well-being and prestige: touches of satin chrome steel in the driver’s квартира, stainless steel pedal unit, footrest and front door sills, floor mats with copper stitching, black roof trim and window лонжероны и т. д.

The exclusive feel extends to the digital display which has a specific copper colour. It is a пир not just for the eyes, but for all the other senses that benefit from the i-cockpit® Amplify, a real amplifier of sensations! The PEUGEOT i-cockpit® is standard equipment in all models of the new 3008 SUV and it really amplifies the driving experience. On the GT model, dynamic settings (with the Driver Sport pack), intensity of lighting, screen displays, configuration of the acoustic environment, release of delicate благоухания, and the possibility to have access to a multi-point massage setting on front seats, nothing is missing!

The happy owner of the new PEUGEOT 3008 GT is transported to a multi-сенсорная, high quality world.

Sporty and assertive exterior design

The exterior design of the new PEUGEOT 3008 ВНЕДОРОЖНИК is very powerful. It has adopted all the characteristics of the Внедорожники, is surprisingly expressive and has an extremely consistent look. The proportions are perfect, the design is inspired. For the GT version, the designers used these qualities and maintained them in the right proportions. Not over-doing it, maintaining the harmony, whilst keeping the specific features which give the model its exclusive feel.

The front side thus sports an exclusive sporty решетка. It is broad, and surrounded by a strip which is no longer chrome, but bi-аспект «Отшлифованной Chrome», and it proudly frames the brand’s lion logo in the centre of a chequered chrome radiator grill. The overall effect is rounded off by the exclusive design бампер combined with the full LED headlights. The steely, sporty look of this front end express the assertive personality of its owner and the pride associated with the brand. A real ПЕЖО! A real GT!

The elegant profile is highlighted by the line of the stainless steel rear quarter light and window trim финишера. Along with the stainless steel trim which runs along the roof to the rear спойлер, they the frame glazed surfaces with улучшенная elegance. Thus highlighted the beltline’s proportions give it a lower and more dynamic look than the majority of its competitors. With its widened колесные арки, 19″ alloy wheels, тонкий улучшенная aluminium roofbars and copper GT monogram on the front wing, it has an потрясающий профиль! Especially if it has the emblematic «Купе Франш» dual colour paint design! This takes the new PEUGEOT 3008 GT into another world, that of exceptional vehicles.

LED welcome lighting (located in the door mirror shells) proudly projects the brand’s lion logo on the floor, a sign of the designers’ care and attention to detail.

At the rear, in addition to the GT badging on the tailgate, double chrome exhaust pipes are located either side of the bumper. Эти stylistic elements are perfectly integrated, giving an air of chic and elegant sportiness.

New PEUGEOT 3008 GT Line: top-of-the-range signature

Since the beginning of 2015, PEUGEOT’s strategy to move элитный has been based on a very consistent offer combining a resolutely dynamic style and feel with engines which are more доступная than the most powerful versions. This is what led to the creation of the GT Line trim level, which offers customers a remarkable finish with strong personality and core range engines.

After the 108, 208, 2008 и 308 и 508, it is the turn of the new PEUGEOT 3008 to benefit from this attractive sporty-look trim level on its entire range of engines — with the exception of the 1.6 L BlueHDi 100 S&S and of course the 2.0 L BlueHDi 180 S&S, reserved exclusively for the GT.

Выведенных from the highly-specified (level 3) Allure model, the «GT Line» has many visual attribute_table on the GT version. On the exterior, in addition to the GT Line logo on the front wings and rear tailgate:

  • the specific front bumper with full LED lights and the GT radiator grill;
  • stainless steel quarter light finishers and weatherstrips;
  • the chrome double exhaust pipe;
  • the «Black Diamond» roof as standard;
  • the option of the «Купе Франш» paint design in three colours with black

The GT Line trim-level also be specified with 18″ two-tone diamond cut alloy wheels and Perla Nera black door mirror shells (they are chrome on the GT models).

Inside, we find the sporty and refined GT environment (including the copper topstitching) with the exception of the «Grey Oak» trim, the Alcantara seats and the numerous pieces of trim and strips which are still in satin chrome. The lucky driver can however enjoy, as standard, the i-cockpit® Amplify, enhancing their well-being and that of their passengers.

With the GT and GT Line заканчивается, the new PEUGEOT 3008 ВНЕДОРОЖНИК displays its intent to provide the vehicle’s occupants with dynamic sensations in a chic and refined setting… enhancing their image ! Available at the same time as the commercial launch of the vehicle, these two versions provide the new PEUGEOT 3008 ВНЕДОРОЖНИК with the most attractive sporty look and advanced technology on the market.

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