Renault представила серийный пикап Alaskan

Рамный грузовик Renault Alaskan построен на платформе Nissan Навара нынешнего поколения, но при этом получил оригинальный дизайн передней части кузова, а также «свои» задние фонари и задние панели и немного измененный салон. В Renault новинка называется старший брат модели Oroch (пикап для Южной Америки на основе Duster), но в отличие от последнего, Аласкан будет глобальной моделью.

Первый возникает самая большая версия Renault Alaskan с двухрядной кабиной и пятирычажной подвеской сзади, хотя позже появятся двухдверные модификации с малой кабиной и рессорами. Пикап доступен с задним и жестко связан с полным приводом с нижней передачи и блокировкой заднего дифференциала. Расстояние от земли за последние 230 мм, а максимальная масса буксируемого прицепа до 3,5 тонн.

Двигатели предусмотрены такие же, как и соплатформенного «Навара». В Европе дизельная 2.3-литровая «четверка» dCi в вариантах форсировки 160 л. с. (с одним турбонагнетателем) и 190 л. с. (битурбо). На некоторых рынках, также будут предлагаться бензиновые версии с 2,5-литровым двигателем с мощностью 160 л. с. и 2,5-литровый дизель с мощностью 160 л. с. и 190 л. с. коробка передач: шестиступенчатая «механика» и 7-диапазонный «автомат».

Доступные опции: система помощи при старте на подъем, помощник для спуска с горы, бесключевой доступ и кнопочный запуск двигателя, мультимедийная система с 7-дюймовый сенсорный экран, мультируль и система кругового обзора. Еще вы можете заказать двухзонный климат-контроль и подогрев передних сидений. Выпуск Renault Alaskan будет всего три завода. Комплекс машин для Южной Америки наладят в городе Куэрнавака (Мексика) и Кордове (Аргентина). И европейских вариантов и автомобили для стран Африки будут выпущены в Барселоне (Испания).

В этом году, новый Renault Alaskan начнут продавать в Колумбии. Европейская версия поступит в продажу, вероятно, уже в 2017 году. Стоимость будет объявлена позже.

Дополнительные фотографии Renault Alaskan 2017

Показать пресс-релиз

Renault introduces its first global one-tonne pick-up: Alaskan

Renault takes the wraps off Alaskan, a one-tonne pick-up that takes a completely fresh approach to the pick-up отдела, including a stunning look that incorporates an imposing front-end. Both robust and comfortable, Alaskan delivers exceptional driving comfort enhanced with a cutting edge five-link rear suspension and a tough, fully boxed рамка. Alaskan is a powerful, ingeniously designed vehicle that combines outstanding off-road ability and best-in-class fuel economy with the Renault 2.3-litre dCi двигатель under the bonnet. In addition to meeting the needs of professional customers, it is the perfect companion for leisure use and everyday motoring. Moreover, thanks to its Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) expertise, Renault provides a wide range of services, conversions and accessories to fulfil the broad diversity of customers’ needs.

Following the launch in Latin America last year of the Duster Oroch, a segment-breaking half-tonne pick — up, Renault has global ambitions for Alaskan in the pick-up market. This market accounts for five million units worldwide annually: more than one-third of the world’s LCV продажи. Building on its position as Europe’s number one LCV brand for 18 years, as well as on its strong footings in South-America and Africa, Groupe Renault is shifting up a gear with Alaskan which will be manufactured in three industrial сайтов. Alaskan launches in the strong pick-up markets of Latin America where Renault is a long-time player. It will initially go on sale in Colombia.

«This stunning pick-up will fulfil the needs of professional users and individual customers across the world. With Alaskan, we are on track to take Renault’s LCV range forward from being a top regional player to a top global player.»

Ashwani Гупта — VP, Global Head of Light Commercial Vehicles Бизнес


Alaskan, a stunning pick-up

Following the launch of the half-tonne Duster Oroch пикап in 2015, Renault now takes the wraps off Alaskan, a one-tonne pick-up with a stunning design. Yet Robust comfortable, Alaskan is a powerful, ingeniously thought-through vehicle. Developed in France, Japan and Latin America, Alaskan is a genuinely global product capable of covering the broad diversity of customer needs across the world. The comprehensive list of available body types extends from single cab to double cab and chassis cab versions, with a short or long bed, and with wide and narrow кузова. Renault also provides a wide range of services, tailor-made conversions and accessories to fulfil all customer needs.

A remarkable дизайн

The name Alaskan was inspired by the Aleut word «Alaska» which means «Great Land». It воображении up wild, rugged landscapes and is an open invitation to indulge in the desire for adventure.

Alaskan’s status-enhancing look fits perfectly with the aesthetic demands of the segment’s customers whilst expressing Renault brand’s identity. The vehicle’s statuesque lines incorporate Renault design cues that bring a modern, приятный visual touch to the world of pick-ups.

Forceful front-end стиль

; Renault’s new brand identity is expressed by the Alaskan’s large chrome grill, a gloss black trim and a chrome стояка bar between the grill and the bumper.

; The мускульная lines of the bonnet heighten the impression of strength.

; A proud and prominent logo. Distinctive, eye-catching C-форменный full-LED lighting signature

; Full-LED daytime running lights with C-shape signature.

; Headlights and fog-lights exude an inner strength. Жирный sculpted wheel arches and sleek, athletic lines

; The dimensions of the assertive, imposing Alaskan ensure a forceful stance.

; The design of its yet robust athletic sculpted side includes prominent wheel arches to accommodate 16 — или 18-inch diamond-effect alloy wheels.

; Alaskan’s линии blend a sense of high-tech engineering and imply its robustness.

«The Alaskan’s imposing front-end design and the мускульная lines suggest power and strength. Alaskan brings a breath of fresh air to the pick-up world and enhances the customer experience irrespective of whether it is used for business or leisure.»

Laurens van den Acker — SVP, Corporate Design

Robust and comfortable

Cutting edge five-link rear suspension for improved comfort driving

; This new five-link rear suspension provides excellent road handling and premium comfort for all passengers on board without any compromise to off-road capability or toughness.

; Ride comfort is improved over more conventional rear leaf spring suspension due to less friction, whether the vehicle is loaded or unloaded. Alaskan’s five-link configuration also reduces noise and vibration more effectively.

; It is available for the double cab version of Alaskan. Tough, fully boxed рамка

; Strong шасси capable of over one tonne payload is key in the segment

; Alaskan’s fully-boxed frame from the Renault-Nissan Alliance is ideally suited to the needs of the customers as well as for workhorse, off-road and leisure uses,
; Enhanced rigidity for a better handling performance and safety thanks to the use of durable materials,
; Generous ground clearance of 230mm,
; A best-in-class towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes,
; Chassis with smart design improving off-road capabilities (выезд, approach and ramp over-анджелесе).
; Durable materials

; Strong bed protection: UV resistant, water repellent and anti-slip finish, а? Strong шасси: anti-corrosion treatment and high-strength steel.

; Versatile, practical bed

; Heavy-duty bed, short or long depending on markets,
; C-channels and four quick-fit hooks to secure all types of loads quickly and safely, а? Bed-mounted 12V power supply.

Comfortable and spacious interior

; Кабина space: second-row for passengers provides the comfort associated with passenger cars (knee удобства: 589mm / хобот angle: 23 degrees).

; Adjustable, high-comfort seats for less fatigue on long journeys:; Four, six — or eight-way power or manual регулируемость,

; Seats with lumbar support for an even distribution of body weight.
; Heated front seats
; Automatic кондиционер with dual-zone climate control, and adjustable vents for rear passengers offers enhanced comfort travelling.

; Intuitive storage spaces throughout the cab, including a central console tray, doors bins, bottle держатели and under-seat storage.

Powerful and ingenious

Best-in-segment fuel consumption with Renault 2.3-litre dCi двигателя

; Alaskan is powered by Renault’s fully-proven four-cylinder, twin-turbo diesel engine, which is also featured in the Renault Master-range:

; 160hp и 190hp versions,
; Outstanding acceleration, plus fuel consumption and CO2 emissions amongst the very lowest in Alaskan’s класса,

; Twin-turbo technology: a small turbo for smooth acceleration at low engine speeds, plus a bigger turbo for performance at higher revs,
; Engine available depending on markets.
; Two other powertrains are available (depending on markets): 2.5-litre petrol engine (160hp) и 2.5 — litre diesel engine (160hp и 190hp).
; Choice of a six-speed manual gearbox or seven-speed automatic transmission, plus two or four-wheel drive.


Excellent off-road возможностей

; Привод режимы: 2WD (Rear Wheel Drive) / 4WD

; Electronic Limited Slip Differential (eLSD) with 4WD delivers a safer, more surefooted привод. This advanced system uses braking датчик that constantly monitor wheel speed. Whenever the system detects that one of the axle’s two wheels is rotating faster than the other, the brakes are briefly applied to slow the faster wheel for improved traction, стр. cornering stability and a feel safer.
; Rear-lock differential: mechanical lock rear of differential for difficult situations.
; Vehicle control спид: assistance during hazardous маневры, enhanced driving comfort and safety:

; HillStartAssist(HSA):brieflyappliesthebrakestopreventthevehiclefrommovingbackwardswhen pulling away on slopes,

; Hill Спуск Control (HDC): when traveling down a slope, HDC controls the brakes to prevent the vehicle from going at speed.

; Плюс: Antilock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA), Electronic Stability Program (ESP).


User friendly on-board features and smart technology

; Renault keyless entry with push start button.

; A five-inch 3D TFT colour display for swift, easy access to vehicle data.

; Practical audio systems and connectivity: смартфон compatible, hands-free telephony, Bluetooth connectivity with voice recognition, CD-плеер, AM/FM-радио, four or six loudspeakers, steering wheel — mounted пальца remote controls.
; Connected 7-дюймовый сенсорный экран навигации (available in certain countries).
; 360° visibility with four cameras (front bumper, door mirrors and tailgate) which allows 360° view of the car and check slow-speed manoeuvring on-road или off-road to avoid obstacles (available in certain countries).

A wide range of services, conversions and accessories

Dedicated services for professionals

; The specialised Renault Pro+ network meets the specific needs of professionals. An Alaskan customer using his or her vehicle for business will benefit from this service.

; This network includes:

; Выделенный, specially-trained advisers for LCV sales and after-sales,
; Simplified choice: LCV range and conversions on display, тест-драйвы without appointment, a quick and clear commercial offer,
; Solutions to stay on the move: maintenance without an appointment, extended opening hours, replacement vehicles.
; The global specialist Renault Pro+ network will include around 700 Renault Pro+ centres in 41 countries at the end of 2016. In Latin America: 65 in Brazil, 18 in Argentina, 9 in Colombia and 3 in Chile at the end of 2016.


Tailor-made conversions

; In partnership with our network of approved converters, a wide range of conversions is available to bring our professional customers all the solutions necessary for their activity: ambulance, tow truck, maintenance vehicle, cherry picker, tipper, etc.

; The personalisation of the vehicle is also possible with special options being available at the plants. ;Our approved converters can rely on the Renault Conversion website to consult the technical information and drawings, and ask questions.

; Renault was the first car maker to set up an approval process for converters. That serves reactivity, optimises the partnership and makes the quality of services, прогресс.

; The Conversion and Quality отдела follow the worldwide converters network making regular missions, in order to select new converters or renew контрактов.

; Renault develops the Conversions Business overseas by identifying preferential converters for international tenders.

Accessories for personalisation

; Dedicated range to facilitate loading and unloading: sliding tray, metal step, кровать divider, etc.

; Выделенный offer to protect the bed and therefore secure the loading: bedliner, c-channel and sliding hooks, toolbox, etc.
; Personalisation will also be possible with styling accessories which pick-up owners will find popular.



Alaskan, a global endeavour

Renault has been Europe’s number one Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) brand for the past 18 years. In addition to its strong position in the Latin-American and African markets, Renault is on track to shift up a gear to take Renault LCV from being a top regional player to a top global player. LCVs are a major strategic market, with 15 million sold in 2015. Pick-ups account for more than one-third of LCV total sales, representing five million units worldwide. The launch of Alaskan sees Renault enter the pick-up market with global intentions, beginning in the strong pick-up markets of Latin America where Renault is a long — time player. Sales will begin in Colombia.

Renault enters the pick-up market

The pick-up market accounts for more than five million vehicles globally

The growth of the global LCV market can be attributed to the primarily expanding pick-up market, which comprises three classes:

; Half-tonne pick-ups: 3% of the global market, with a growth projection of 35% между 2014 и 2019. ; One-tonne pick-ups: 17% of the global market, with a growth projection of 19% между 2014 и 2019.
; Full-size pick-ups: 18% of the global market (90% in the US and Canada).

Renault’s pick-up market offensive

; Duster Oroch Concept, unveiled in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in October 2014: a half-tonne show truck.

; Duster Oroch, unveiled in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in June 2015: a half-tonne pick-up for Latin America, produced in Куритиба, Бразилия.
; Renault Alaskan Concept, unveiled in Paris, France, in September 2015: a one-tonne show truck.

Renault Alaskan, unveiled in Medellin, Colombia, in June 2016: a one-tonne pick-up, with global intentions.

Alaskan is produced in Куэрнавака, Мехико. It will also be manufactured in Barcelona, Spain, and in Cordoba, Argentina.


Global LCV strategy offensive

; Groupe Renault delivered a strong year in the LCV market in 2015 with sales достигнув 387,000 units, an increase of 12.4% in spite of a 6.3% dip in the total market (North America excluded).

At the end of May 2016, worldwide LCV sales account for 167,000 units: +15% vs end-May 2015, in a decreasing market (-4%).

; A multi-faceted агрессивно: products, markets and partnerships.

; A renewed LCV Range: new Trafic and new Master in 2014, новый Kangoo mid-2013,
; Renault is the brand first to market an all-electric LCV offer: Kangoo Z. E., number one in Europe, and

Twizy Cargo, the LCV version of Twizy,
; Renault has formed partnerships with several carmakers: Nissan, Renault Trucks, GM, Daimler and most recently, Fiat.

Latin America, a strong pick-up market

A growing strong pick-up market, in Latin America

; One million LCVs were sold in Latin America in 2015 (17.4% of the market).
; Renault volumes in the LCV market has almost tripled in the last 10 years in the region (14,200 in 2005 and 38,400 in 2015 with 5.1% of market share in 2015).
; The one-tonne pick-up sub-отдела represents 45% of the LCV market and is expected to grow by 15% in the next 3 years.

Renault is a long-time player in Latin America

; Americas is a major region for Groupe Renault:

; Americas: 355,151 registrations in 2015 (market share: 6.3%),
; Brazil is Groupe Renault’s number two market: 181,504 units (market share: 7.3%),; Argentina: 79,383 units (market share: 12.7%),
; Колумбия: 49,331 units (market share 18.6% up two points).

; Four manufacturing sites in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile:

; Бразилия (Куритиба) номеров — открыт в 1998 году, includes a passenger car plant (bodywork and assembly), an engine plant, and an LCV завод. The main vehicles built on the two production lines are Logan, sandero, Duster, Duster Oroch and Master. The plant will also produce Kwid, a brand new A-segment model,

; Argentina (Cordoba) номеров — открыт в 1955 году, производит Clio II, Kangoo и Fluence. It will soon produce the new Renault Logan и Renault sandero and will produce Alaskan in 2018,

; Colombia (Envigado, Medellin) номеров — открыт в 1969 году, производит Clio II, New Logan, New sandero и sandero Stepway и Duster,

; Чили (Los Andes) номеров — открыт в 1969 году, manufactured 297,000 gearboxes in 2015.
; A network of almost 900 dealerships.
; An engineering centre (Renault Technology Americas) в городе Куритиба, Бразилия, and a design centre (Renault Design Latin America) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

«Following the successful launch of Duster Oroch, we are thrilled to introduce Alaskan in the growing, buoyant pick-up markets of Latin America where Renault is a long-time player.»

Оливье Murguet — SVP, Chairman of Americas region

Sales to begin in Colombia

Duster Oroch и Renault Alaskan: two Renault pick-ups in Colombia

; The Colombian pick-up market # # # # 12,300 units in 2015. ; Half-tonne pick-up суб-сегмент: 880 units,

; One-tonne pick-up суб-сегмент: 11,400 units.
; Launched in March 2016, Duster Oroch is the best-selling LCV in Colombia in May 2016, рейтинг second in the global pick-up segment in May 2016.
; Alaskan will be launched soon in Colombia and will significantly extend coverage of the pick-up market.

Renault’s LCV команды

Alaskan is the perfect companion for leisure use and everyday motoring. But Alaskan also meets the needs of professional customers. Renault is a major LCV плеер worldwide with 18 years of leadership in Europe and strong positions in many countries all over the world. In September 2015, to address the needs of LCV users more directly and ясно, Renault launched a global brand expert dedicated to these customers: Renault Pro+.

Renault Pro+: products and services dedicated to customers LCV

Tailor-made products and services across the Renault network:

; Kangoo и Kangoo Z. Электронной. are available in a choice of 65 different versions, while there are 270 и 350 different versions of Trafic Master and respectively.

; A network of 400 approved conversion specialists in 29 countries to convert vehicles to meet customers’ precise needs.

Renault Pro+: выделенный engineering centre production facilities and specialised network

; Выделенный LCV engineering centre at Виллер-Сен-Fre;де;ric, France.
; LCV production on three continents: Europe (France), Латинской Америки (Аргентина, Бразилия) и

Africa (Morocco).

; Specialised network (sales and after-sales) of 700 Renault Pro+ centres with demanding standards dedicated to professionals.

Renault Pro+: strong positions worldwide

; LCVs sold in 112 countries, with top markets being Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Morocco and Algeria.

; LCV leadership in Europe for 18 years.

; #1 in France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Slovenia,
; #2 in Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania,
; #3 in Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Hungary, Estonia, Iceland.

; Strong positions in many countries.

; Brazil: Kangoo #2, Master #1,
; Argentina: Kangoo #1, Master #2,
; Колумбия: Kangoo #1, Trafic #1, Мастер #3,; Mexico: Kangoo #2,
; Algeria: Kangoo #1, Master #1,
; Morocco: Master #1, Kangoo #3,
; Australia: Kangoo #2, Master #3.

; A leading position in the Electric LCV рынок.

; Renault is the first mainstream brand to market an electric LCV, а? Kangoo Z. Электронной. is marketed in 45 countries,
; Twizy Cargo is the latest addition to the LCV Z. Электронной. range.

Цифры at end-2015 (pick-up included)
Further details on Alaskan’s availability in other markets outside of Latin America where Renault has a strong market share will follow.

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