In Ingolstadt began serial production of the Audi Q2 crossover

Started mass production of the German compact SUV Audi Q2 2017 model year.

In particular, work began on the production site of Audi in Ingolstadt.
For works were selected by the same site that produces the popular model series of the Audi A3.

Representatives of the German company announced plans to soon increase production to 450 cars per day. Head of Audi acknowledged the success of the compact SUV that will be able to increase the total volume of sold cars around the world. In addition, the first presentation of the car happened at the Geneva automobile plant.

As the platform was involved MQB, which is used in many German cars. Range of power units will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of types and kinds of motors. Even the most capricious customers will surely be able to find a version that is will meet all its requirements. European and American market will get the crossover with different models.


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